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Elder Care in Charlotte Metro and Lake Norman

Jaynie S.
Jennifer and her staff are fantastic! Their commitment to their clientele is unwavering. Waltonwood Cotswold loves partnering with Caregiving Corner!
Ashe L.
I'm writing to recommend Care Giving Corner for the best elder care management services I have come across. We were introduced to them for help with our parents' care by the Rev. Lisa Saunders at Christ Episcopal Church in Charlotte, who had known our family for 20 or 30 years. We had worked with a couple of the big national elder-care chains before, but their people seem so limited and their standard of care seemed very "average" at best.We work with Susan Ferone as our case worker/manager and Allyson Cooksy as our RN. They are conscientious, high-caliber, top-flight people. They're the kind of people we'd want to entertain with and be friends with, not just tolerate as hired help.They recently helped my parents identify and move to a retirement community that is a vast improvement over the retirement facility they had been in before. They connected us with services that helped with organizing, packing, moving, unpacking, setting up, and settling in. They even helped my mother find a decorator to help with some fabric choices and paint schemes to suit her new digs. That alone is half the battle - knowing who are the reliable, trustworthy service providers for various ancillary services.Allyson has helped my parents manage medical appointments, keep track of treatments and prescriptions, and devise daily structure that keeps things on track. She has helped identify and get services from therapists, etc. Allyson is amazing and a delight to be around.We live in a time when even those of us who are well-established and well-connected in our communities can feel bewildered by the experience of aging and everything that goes with it. Susan, Allyson, and their colleagues comprise an able and caring resource in an otherwise confusing and dysfunctional elder-care environment.
The folks at Caregiving Corner have been a wonderful resource, are some of the most knowledgeable professionals I've worked with and are great people! Strongly endorse them to help your loved ones!

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Care Manager in Charlotte Metro and Lake Norman

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Whether you care for an aging loved one or are an older adult yourself, at Caregiving Corner we promote safety and security, dignity and independence. Aging is a multi-faceted process. To support you, we offer our expertise in the 8 categories outlined by the Aging Life Care Association.

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