Our Services

As Aging Life Care™ Managers, our top priority at Caregiving Corner is to help older adults live as independently as possible while still being safe and secure.

We can tailor a personalized solution uniquely designed to meet your needs. Our familiarity with local resources saves you time, and often money. Our compassionate understanding of the aging process saves you distress.

Our clients hire us to

  • serve as a guide
  • offer suggestions and create a plan
  • ease family discord
  • smooth transitions
  • provide an objective viewpoint
  • save time, money, and distress

We are particularly well known for our expertise in the following situations:

Our specific services include:

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An Aging Life Care Manager conducts an initial assessment

Over the course of 1-2 home visits, we can conduct an assessment. We identify the strengths of the current situation, and any areas of concern. We can also give you a general sense of how things are likely to evolve over the next 6 months. This way you can make decisions within the context of a longer term perspective.

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An Aging Life Care Manager assists with planning

Whether you have an immediate need for care, or want to understand what’s available as you think about the future, we help you make a plan. Personal preferences and family resources blend with our understanding of the local resources as we recommend options that will fit within your budget. You gain peace of mind knowing there is a realistic strategy for addressing the challenges of aging.

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An Aging Life Care Manager communicates with doctors

If you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the medical system, you are not alone! It can be daunting for anyone. We help you clarify questions, and make sure you get answers. We lobby with providers for the type of care you wish to receive. Because we understand the system, we can go to bat for you as knowledgeable, effective advocates.

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An Aging Life Care Manager arranges for in-home care

It may be that living at home is no longer a safe option. Having someone come by twice a week to cook a few meals and do some light housekeeping may be all that is needed. Or, it could be that more support is required. The daily presence of a kind caregiver can assure that meals are eaten regularly and medications are taken as directed. You can choose part time or full time assistance. We can help you find a reputable service and manage the type of help needed.

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An Aging Life Care Manager checks in periodically

It’s a relief to have knowledgeable people engaged. You have never been through this phase of elderhood before. We know the range of normal and can offer an invaluable perspective. You may have already experienced that things can change quickly in the aging process. By checking in periodically, we notice changes and alert you if we feel that more support or attention is needed. As elder care professionals, we know the problems that commonly arise, and the most cost-effective solutions. Perhaps there are some mobility issues that are making life more difficult than it needs to be. There may be a simple device that could remedy the situation. Maybe memory problems are starting to be an issue. There are services to help with paying the bills, or balancing the checkbook. Perhaps medications are not being taken as as directed by the doctor. Through periodic check-ins, you rest secure knowing that changes will be recognized and addressed promptly.

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An Aging Life Care Manager suggests alternative living arrangements

If more assistance is needed, and it cannot be provided safely or affordably at home, we are happy to make suggestions tailored to your needs and finances. We understand the broad range of services available in the elder care continuum and can recommend the local facilities most likely to result in a good fit and positive transition.

If you think extra help and an objective viewpoint is a good idea, give us a call at 704-945-7170. We’d be happy to talk about your situation and ways to meet your unique requirements.

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