Family caregiver support

You deserve to have support for all the work you do. So much of the emphasis is on your relative, but you are challenged as well. It’s stressful caring for an elderly parent!

While it certainly helps to get assistance with medical advocacy, senior transportation, and coordination of services, emotional challenges often arise as a result of family caregiving. Our counseling services can help you address issues such as

  • old hurts from the past
  • difficult sibling relationships
  • work–life balance
  • financial stress
  • strains on your marriage or with your kids
  • worry about the need to place a parent in memory care
  • grief as you process your parent’s inevitable decline and passing
  • guilt, resentment, anger, and more guilt

You are by no means the only one to feel this way.
In fact, researchers who study stress often use family caregivers as their subjects because caregiving is so universally stressful.

We are here to help you
Our team of diverse professionals gets you the support you need in a warm, confidential environment from knowledgeable practitioners. We’ve worked with hundreds of families that have issues just like yours. Referrers send us their complicated cases because they know we are the Charlotte experts in family caregiving.

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One-on-one counseling

You will work with a licensed professional counselor or social worker with deep experience concerning the issues of aging, elder care, family caregiving, and family systems. Our counseling services may be reimbursable by your insurance. It depends on your policy. We will give you the documents that are needed to get reimbursed if you are covered for therapy.

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Family caregiver support groups

Taking care of elderly parents can be a lonely, thankless, and isolating task full of guilt and worries that you are not doing enough. There’s nothing like meeting with others in the same boat to help you fully understand that you aren’t a bad daughter or son. AND you aren’t alone! From stories and insights, to helpful tips on day-to-day issues, a family caregiver support group can make your caregiving journey much easier and even more fun. We offer support groups for free to our clients. Available in person or online.

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Facilitated family meetings

Are your siblings all on the same page about mom and dad? If so, pat yourself on the back. This is not often the case!

In an odd twist of fate, just when we reach middle age and think we’ve gotten beyond most of our childhood issues, elder care comes up and all the old family dynamics reemerge in full force, including sibling rivalry and discord.

We can help all of you arrive at a shared, objective understanding of how your aging parents are doing and what knowledgeable professionals would recommend for them. We can also help you set up a system to share the work more equitably or plan for broaching the topic of assisted living with mom or stopping driving with dad. Whatever your issues, our care managers can help you get all the family rowing in the same direction.

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Educational resources

Knowledge is power! We understand that it can be overwhelming to juggle all the new issues confronting you on the elder care journey. For that reason, we are committed to helping families easily learn more about their individual situations:

  • Check out our online Family Caregiver Guide available 24/7 on this website. Use the search function to see if we have an article covering the topic you wish to learn more about.
  • Subscribe to our monthly newsletter for family caregivers. It’s filled with helpful tips and insights. You can browse our archive of past issues with over 500 evidence-based articles written in a friendly, easy-to-understand style.
  • View video interviews on local TV with our CEO and founder, Jennifer Szakaly. She covers important topics such as surviving the holidays, aging with attitude, and driving and older adults.
  • Explore the book library in our office. Whenever we run across a book we feel is insightful and would help our clients and families, we purchase a few copies and make them available. Ask your care manager if there are books available pertinent to your concerns.

Want to learn more about our family caregiver support services?
Give us a call at 704-945-7170.
Or schedule a free initial consultation


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