Solo aging

Did you know 22 percent of older adults expect to have to care for themselves in their later years?

If you are looking at your elder years and realize you have no one in the younger generation to help, you are a “solo ager.”

Rest assured, you can have a perfectly supported elderhood. You simply need to plan more ahead of time. You have unique care needs and unique legal and financial considerations. This is especially true of solo agers in the LGBTQIA community.

We work with attorneys and financial planners to create a safety net and plan so your wishes are followed and your elder chapters unfold as you would like them to. Having one of our care managers walk beside you gives you access to our entire team of professionals with its diverse skill sets (nurse, social worker, counselor, etc.). We are available for short-term consultations or ongoing support, as much or as little as you need.

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Aging in Place consultation

Aging in place is not cheap. As you think about your later years, you will need to do some financial projections to address environmental and social supports that must be arranged for ahead of time. We can help with these estimates so you can connect with your financial planner to set goals and get a realistic sense of what you can afford. Some of the questions we will address include the following:

  • Is your current home set up so you can safely age in place? Together we can review the need for home safety modifications, even full remodels if needed. Some places just require grab bars in the bathrooms. But others need to add a bathroom downstairs for single-floor living, improve lighting in a hall, or modify a too-steep staircase. Safety is more than just fall prevention, however. We need to look at other elements, such as smart home features to address vulnerabilities to theft and other crimes.
  • How is your current home situated for senior transportation options? According to the American Automobile Association, most of us outlive our ability to drive safely by seven to ten years. We’ll look at options such as Lyft and Uber, paratransit, and other possibilities for when that time comes. You don’t want to be housebound and isolated simply for lack of transportation!
  • Who will help you with basic housekeeping, meal prep, and eventually with bathing or getting dressed? The truth is that we all need help in our last chapters. If you plan to age in place, that help will likely come from home care services. We can help you budget for this expense, and when the time comes, of course, recommend the best home care in Charlotte Metro and Lake Norman.
  • How will you counteract loneliness and social isolation? Living on your own, especially as a solo senior, leaves you vulnerable to the serious mental and physical health consequences of loneliness and isolation. Humans are social beings. You have to proactively plan to stay engaged with existing friends and make new friends as your current peers, over time, move away, have their own health challenges, and—to be candid—die. We will work with you to think through strategies that will realistically help you address this challenge to your well-being in a way that fits with your own unique temperament.
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Relocation consults

Are you thinking of downsizing?
Perhaps moving to an independent living community? Maybe a continuing care retirement community (CCRC)? Let us help you review your priorities and make suggestions based on our deep knowledge of the options here in Charlotte Metro and Lake Norman. From financial solvency to helping you find a lawyer to review contracts, we can help you make informed decisions about this big move.

What about moving closer to younger relatives?
Many solo seniors consider moving closer to nieces or nephews. This can be a great idea. Let us help you clarify what your expectations are of them so you can be sure they feel the same before you make such a big move. We can also help you evaluate the new town in terms of its fit relative to your current interests and activities. After all, you won’t be spending all your time with your family. We can give you a picture of the age-friendliness of the town, the sophistication of medical care, the likely cost of living, etc.

As for the move itself, we can point you to reputable move managers who can make the transition amazingly stress free. From downsizing and decluttering help, to advice on custom floor plans for the new abode, packing, moving, and unpacking, they’ve got you covered. Plus, they can even help with cleanup and the sale of your old property.

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Preplanned surgery support

You may not realize it, but with the proper planning, you might be able to have an outpatient procedure or at least recuperate at home instead of in a skilled nursing facility. Whether you are going in for a hip or knee replacement or require something more invasive—a mastectomy or ostomy operation—we can set up your home environment and coordinate appropriate caregivers and therapist visits so you are able to recover where you feel the most comfortable: in your own home!

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Life transition counseling

Life is full of changes, and there are lots of transitions in our elderhood. From retirement to health challenges, widowhood or divorce, downsizing and relocation, estrangement from family, the loss of a driver’s license, coping with ageism … it’s a long list. But we are here to help with counselors who are experienced in the journey of aging. You are by no means alone if you find yourself having trouble with life transitions. Let our team of professionals support you and provide emotional strategies, as well as practical tips and insights to help you find balance as you navigate the changes and discover meaning in your next chapter.

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End-of-life care

There are different kinds of support at the end of life. Hospice can give you a team of medical providers to help keep you comfortable. But they cannot assist with day-to-day care. That must be arranged for you by someone who can ensure that in-home caregivers are doing their jobs properly. You will also need someone to arrange the funeral or memorial service, contact any next of kin, and follow your wishes concerning burial or cremation. Our sensitive and experienced team can walk beside you so you will not be alone at the end of your journey.

As for managing your finances when you are no longer able to, we can help you plan ahead. We can help you choose professionals to assist with legal and financial matters before your passing and estate administration afterward.

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If you need a health care power of attorney

Some of our solo senior clients prefer to have us serve as their health care power of attorney. They enroll in our Solo Senior™ program, legally appointing us to make medical decisions for them if they are unable to do so (for example, if they are in a coma, have dementia, or are unconscious). This requires a special legal relationship, so we work with an attorney to be sure that all required documents are in order. We also have extensive discussions with you to fully understand your definition of quality of life and your wishes regarding life-sustaining treatment.

Want to learn more about our services for solo aging?
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