Corporate guardianships and special needs

If you are responsible for a disabled or vulnerable adult and are looking for an experienced guardian, look no further.

Our founder and CEO, Jennifer Szakaly, is a master guardian—the highest level of certification available. In fact, she is one of only one hundred master guardians in the country. Jennifer is well recognized for her expertise and is called upon to give expert testimony in guardianship cases across the country. To maintain her master guardian certification, Jennifer must keep up with rigorous continuing education requirements. You can rest assured that she is completely up to date on the latest changes in guardianship law.

Caregiving Corner serves as a corporate guardian for aging individuals and disabled adults over age eighteen. Our guardianship fees are submitted to the courts annually and can be provided to any interested party. Because corporate guardians are paid appointments, our fees are typically discussed with some or all parties during a guardianship hearing to see if our services would work within a person’s budget.

There is no case too complicated for us to handle (and none too simple!).

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For attorneys

We are generally appointed in the courts of Mecklenburg and surrounding counties in North Carolina, but our clients may live outside of this area for temporary purposes. If you are a guardian ad litem, petitioner’s counsel, or respondent’s counsel, we welcome the chance to work with you. As one of North Carolina’s only private corporate guardians, we hold a unique place in the guardianship system, offering services to individuals who have assets and are possibly able to remain at home with proper monitoring and guidance.

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For parents of special-needs adults

As you age and face the prospect that your special-needs child, perhaps now a middle-aged adult, needs to be provided for after you are gone, of course you are concerned. You’ve spent decades supporting your child, and you want to know they will be given warm, compassionate care and attention with an eye to quality of life, not just keeping them clean and fed. We understand! We spend a great deal of time with you and with your child to learn about their needs:

  • What brings them joy
  • What triggers distress
  • Ins and outs of their medical treatment

Our biopsychosocial perspective ensures that your child will be seen as a whole person and receive the kind of care you would wish for them, even when you are no longer able to provide it yourself. We can also work with the trust officer of your choosing (or recommend one) so you know there is a strong team assembled with coordinated care and oversight built in.

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For families with aging parents

Perhaps you live far away from your parent and don’t feel you can provide or oversee the care they need.

Or maybe your parent was absent during your childhood (substance abuse, neglect, divorce, mental health issues). Or maybe they were even actively abusive. And now you are being called upon to provide care for a person who never really cared for you. It’s difficult.

These challenges are surprisingly common.

 We can help.
Bringing us in as the legal decision maker for their care is a responsible step. It ensures that your parent is given thorough and compassionate care, with decisions made by experts in the field. And you are empowered to set realistic, healthy boundaries and stay as emotionally or socially involved—or not—as feels most comfortable to you.

Want to learn more about the guardianship process?
Give us a call at 704-945-7170.
Or schedule a free initial consultation

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For trust officers

Do you have a client that requires a care manager as part of the trust arrangements? Or perhaps you have a situation that requires a professional with the expertise to recommend services, implement cost-effective technology solutions, coordinate care, and keep you appraised of the client’s health and well-being. From special-needs trusts for disabled adults (over age eighteen) to trusts for vulnerable elders, we have the experience you need to be sure wise biopsychosocial choices will be made.

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For Solo Agers (childfree older adults)

More than 20% of older adults are solo aging. We are the Charlotte experts in aging without children.

Need a Health Care Power of Attorney?
Check out our Solo Senior™ program.

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For Adult Protective Services

Rather than use DSS, if you have a client with means, consider Caregiving Corner as a corporate guardian instead. Our holistic approach gives you confidence that we will make decisions based on sound medical practice with quality of life also factored in.

Do you have an older adult with no family who has means but no one to assist them? We can be appointed the corporate guardian and do all that we can to help them remain living safely and independently at home. In addition to coordinating care, we can recommend technology solutions that cost-effectively prolong an individual’s ability to age in place. If the time comes that long-term care is the wisest choice, we will help select a community that fits the client’s values and budget. We can remain connected until their death, monitoring care and making decisions as needed.

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